Monday, March 20, 2017

2016: Lost Gardening Year

In January 2016 I bought a new home in the city limits of Houston on a HALF ACRE of land--amazing. I had big plans (and I still do) but 2016 had some plans of its own. Shortly after getting fully moved in, my area of Houston flooded and the house I had just moved into had to be repaired throughout--4 months of ripping out & replacing drywall, flooring and cabinets. During that time I was back to apartment living and there was no easy opportunity to garden. It was sad: a whole year where I barely got any dirt time.

I did manage to plant pomegranate and lime trees on my half-acre. And in the fall when I moved back in I was able to start building vegetable beds. Here's the progression of the bed building, which is now back in full swing. Hopefully this blog will be back in full swing soon, too. Even if I no longer have bees, I have land and the pollinators will come for the food...