Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surprise! Mushrooms.

The following article appeared in the Tobacco Valley News in Eureka, Montana:

"When Eureka Librarian Esther Brandt arrived at work Thursday morning, over 100 whimsical paper mushrooms had mysteriously appeared in the library lawn overnight. Brandt did not know who made them or where they came from. “They have been a real source of interest,” she said. The mushrooms are made out of paper bags. One mushroom, said Brandt, had a website written on its cap:"

Click here
to see the picture of the Eureka mushrooms.

I duly visited the site and learned that the mushrooms are part of an ongoing, international art project created by Doug Rhodehamel to "promote awareness for the support for art in schools and creativity in day-to-day life." According to his myspace page he has done this all over the world, including London, Germany, and Taiwan.

Holy cow. That is so supurbly random. Why Eureka, Montana? Why the Library? Who knows. However, any library attention is good attention. And public art is wonderful for the community. Thanks Doug!

Here are some Flickr photos of Doug's past work: